Star Citizen

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    Cloud Imperium Games Corporation

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Star Citizen is a new approach to the persistent universe with a return to the classic space combat game. Created by Chris Roberts - the same mind behind Wing Commander - Star Citizen promises to be a complete, persistent sandbox style universe where players can pick up jobs as smugglers, pirates, merchants, bounty hunters, and pilots in deep space.


Constantly Expanding and Changing Universe: A vast sandbox universe is just the beginning - the game will continue to grow with constant micro-updates that ensure there's always something new to do.

Single Player Mode: Coded 'Squadron 42,' this mode lets you play offline or online, solo or with friends in co-op missions.

Players Impact The Universe:  Players will not only change the universe, but become part of it - discover uncharted jump points, sell the Navs for profit, and enjoy the fame of having the system named after you.

Modding Too: Modding tools will let players design new ships for the persistent dealer network or for the self-hosted multiplayer mode.

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