Star Citizen

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    Cloud Imperium Games Corporation

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    Sci-Fi, Shooter, Sim

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Star Citizen is a new approach to the persistent universe with a return to the classic space combat game. Created by Chris Roberts - the same mind behind Wing Commander - Star Citizen promises to be a complete, persistent sandbox style universe where players can pick up jobs as smugglers, pirates, merchants, bounty hunters, and pilots in deep space. Search far and wide for wealth, power, and more while trying to prove your worth as an explorer!


Constantly Expanding and Changing Universe: A vast sandbox universe is just the beginning - the game will continue to grow with constant micro-updates that ensure there's always something new to do.

Single Player Mode: Coded 'Squadron 42,' this mode lets you play offline or online, solo or with friends in co-op missions.

Players Impact The Universe:  Players will not only change the universe, but become part of it - discover uncharted jump points, sell the Navs for profit, and enjoy the fame of having the system named after you.

Modding:: Modding tools will let players design new ships for the persistent dealer network or for the self-hosted multiplayer mode.

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