Star Citizen

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  • Developer:
    Cloud Imperium Games Corporation

  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi, Shooter, Sim

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Star Citizen is a first-person sci-fi MMORPG featuring a vast universe packed with unforgettable adventures, awe-inspiring interstellar travel, dynamic engagements, and endless opportunities for exploration. Start your journey off right by earning your United Empire of Earth citizenship by enlisting in their Navy and participating in large-scale galactic combat!

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: Yes, there are a variety of purchasable in-game ships, cosmetics, items, and other services available.

Key Features:

Something Out There: Plan out your route and sail amongst the stars.

It's a Living: Pick up an odd job or two such as smuggling and bounty hunting for credits.

Space Trucker: Amass resources by completing the difficult task of transporting goods around the galaxy.

Cool Under Pressure: Stay alive in deadly situations by acting with the g-forces, moving out of the line fire with six degrees of movement, and keeping on top of vital ship functions.

Far Reaches Riches: Lay your claim across the cosmos by discovering jump points and selling them off for profit.

I Am the Senate: Lead a player-run organization to universal fame and fortune.

Making Adjustments: Customize your space ship with all manner of handy parts and stylish cosmetics.

UEE Awaits: Take part in Squadron 42, a narrative-focused campaign playable either solo or with a friend.

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