Villagers and Heroes: Reborn

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    Neise Games

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    Browser, Facebook

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Villagers & Heroes (previously A Mystical Land) is a free-to-play 3D browser game that offers loads of adventures to you and thousands of other players in a fantastic world.

Besides fighting monsters as a wizard, warrior, hunter, or priest to improve your character, a variety of more casual activities are at your disposal including fishing, mining, blacksmithing and cooking.

Villagers and Heroes uses many Facebook features which allow you to easily find your Facebook friends and share achievements and news.

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  • Arellano Ablaze

    Update the Title of the game.. It is no longr A Mystical Land, now It is called Villagers&Heroes

  • rhuan

    Borra So Do Brasil Mas Cando Eu Clico em Play Now Aparece Vilagers & Heroes

  • john

    dude how come we all cant play this rip off stupid site

  • efrecaca

    this game is shit