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An EU version of the game is now commercially launched:

Vindictus Online is a brutal MMORPG. With Source Engine physics and destructible interactive environments, Vindicus redefines everything you thought you knew about F2P MMORPGs.

Blood spurts from enemies, right where your twin blades sliced. Enemies fall, only to become corpses you can hoist and brandish as sadistic weapons. Watch as walls crumble and whole buildings topple, providing you with new toys in the battlefield.

The game will feature special dungeons with powerful bosses. Dungeons change each time you enter them, so you'll never get bored. The gear you obtain from dungeons, or even from crafts, can be dyed any color your like. In the end, your character will be clad in gear that's powerful, stylisch and unique. Just be careful when picking your undergarments! Too much fighting can break your gear and reveal what you are wearing underneath!

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