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    NEXON Korea

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Vindictus is a spin-off MMORPG from NEXON's Mabinogi game, and is set in the same Celtic inspired world.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes, but exact type unknown. No information on store page.

Key Features:

Classes: Vindictus utilizes a hero-based system where players choose one of twelve mighty characters to play as.

Exciting Hack and Slash Action: Navigate brutal dungeons and fight massive bosses the blot out the sun.

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Game Videos

  • Vindictus Season 4: Episode 2 – Clan of Darkness Trailer

    Vindictus reveals Season 4: Episode 2, and the new Clan of Darkness raid. The Silent Brotherhood, which has hidden itself in the dark for a long time, fin

  • Vindictus – Corruption of the Goddess Trailer

    Vindictus' Goddess, Neamhain, has arrived with a vengeance, unleashing a horrible beast upon the world. Brace yourself for the most challenging content yet

  • Vindictus: Blight of the Unseen Trailer

    Vindictus announces Blight of the Unseen, the upcoming final 2016 update with a brand new dark episode. More info is available here.

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