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Following their success with World of Tanks and World of Planes, is introducing their naval counterpart, World of Warships. Players will take command of various naval vessels and do battle in largescale warfare with other players. The last ships afloat win the round and points are dished out to make further ship purchases and upgrades.

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  • World of Warships Update 0.5.8 Patch Notes

    World of Warships introduces national voices, the new Bastion mode, two new maps, and more in update 0.5.8.

  • World of Warships Update 0.5.6 Review

    World of Warships update 0.5.6 offers a focus on ship rebalancing along with several new maps. Patch notes are available here.

  • World of Warships Update 0.5.5 Overview

    World of Warships showcases update 0.5.5 including weather effects, balance changes, and an improved client. See full patch notes here.

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