Virtual Adventures Await: Discover Exciting MMORPGs to Beat Boredom

Fun, simple games like Tiny Fishing are typical examples of online gaming that can be played to kill boredom. The players have to move the mouse to catch the fish, and they will get paid for all the fish they catch. But when it comes to online gaming, there are many more adventurous and fun options to play on your mobile or desktop.

Online gaming has now become more than a hobby for many people. With advancements in technology, the abundance of online gaming options allows people to integrate gaming into their daily lives.  Whether as a coping strategy, a learning tool, or a potential source of new relationships, online gaming offers a range of opportunities.

Over the past few years, mobile technology has changed the gaming world. It alters how people play and link to their fellow gamers, allowing them to connect more with friends and strangers online. They are creating new conversations and communities.

Like books and movies, online games have varied genres. Those with the same mechanics and gameplay styles are put into one genre. One of the most popular genres is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It is an online role-playing video game in which many people participate simultaneously.

MMORPG form virtual communities that develop strong relationships between players, giving a greater sense of social connection and belonging than other genres.

It gives young people more room and opportunities to explore and further their goals. When played for a moderate amount of time, the games are an excellent tool for the players to gain problem-solving and teamwork skills. It also allows young generations to build cross-cultural understandings and communications.

Here are some of the most famous MMORPGs that attract people to jump on the bandwagon:


Entropia Universe

Designed by the Swedish software company MindArk, the game offers a sandbox-style gameplay approach, allowing players to pursue their own goals and objectives within the virtual world. People can play it for free, but additional options such as skills, items, deeds/shares, or services from other players cost money.


World of Warships submarines

World of Warships

World of Warships is a naval warfare-themed game that allows players to command cooperative battle types against bots, an advanced player versus environment battle mode, or fight others at random. Wargaming developed, produced and published this free-to-play game.

Temtem Kickstarter Trailer Video Thumbnail


Developed by Spanish development studio Crema, this game is inspired by the famous Pokemon Go! series. Temtem are eponymous creatures that the players will capture while exploring the area. After catching them, the players command them to battle against other Temtem controlled by another player.

FFXIV Stormblood Review

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy The Series has long declared its popularity to the point that it has been adapted into movies. It is an MMORPG for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation and is set five years after the devastating Seventh Umbral Calamity ended the original version in the fantasy region of Eorzea. Watching the movies might help you understand the Final Fantasy universe better.

Dark Orbit Reloaded Screenshot

DarkOrbit Reloaded

Players can explore vast and alien territories to gather valuable resources in this space-combat game, establish clans to command sectors, and battle against other players and non-player characters. This browser-based game runs well on any PC with any updated web browser.

Travian Codex Victoria Teaser

Travian: Legends

The theme of this game is classical antiquity, and it directs the players to a small village surrounded by undeveloped resource fields. This game aims to develop the village, form an army, choose a tribe, and then play against thousands of other players. Players must register on their website before joining the game, filling in their email address, username, and password.

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