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Xsyon is an apocalyptic MMORPG featuring sandbox elements. Players are encouraged to form tribes to hunt for essentials. Your actions affect the world around you, from mining to hunting, to the construction of villages, towns, and cities. Locations are based off of real life studies, but twisted to fit the fantasy world. Xsyon also gives you the ability to develop your character however you want, through various skills and attributes.


Dynamic World: Your actions have consequence on the world around you. Developing cities and towns require material, and that material has to come from somewhere.

Social Interaction: Develop clans, guilds, and entire cities, all based off of players working together. Keep a friend and foe list alike, to ensure you can keep tabs on who's doing what.

Flexible Characters: Choose your primary stats and level them up by performing actions based on their use. Through this, you can become a mighty warrior, a cunning businessman, or a hardy farmer.

Arts and Crafts: Create a variety of items, each that take on the properties of the material used to craft them. As you build new items, you will learn how to make even more advanced items!

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