OnRPG & Runes of Magic Fan Fiction Contest – Win Mousemats and T-Shirts!

Your chance to win hot in-game and real life Prizes!
Budding and experienced Fanfiction writers and Role-Players; this is your chance to win some amazing prizes, both in-game (pets!) and out of game (Unique Runes of Magic Mousemats and T-Shirts)!

All you have to do is write a short tale that takes place in the wonderful world of Runes of Magic.

Two Million Players can’t be wrong!
Frogster has recently announced The Cave of the Water Dragon, a new dungeon aimed at high level groups. To celebrate this as well as the fact that Runes of Magic has now hit the magical Two-Million Players Mark OnRPG is working closely with Frogster to host an exclusive Fan Fiction contest!

To take part you write a Fan Fiction piece of approximately 800 words (there is a 1000 word cap!) on the topic of the Cave of the Water Dragon! We have written an introduction for you that you can choose to use but if you want to write your own story from the ground up that is fine as well.

Your shot at fame!
To push an already exciting contest over the top Frogster and OnRPG have agreed that the single best entry will be featured on both our websites! If you really want to reach a big audience with your Fan Fiction, now is your chance!

To be eligible for the prizes you should follow these rules and guidelines:

  • Write the story on the topic of the Cave of the Water Dragon in Runes of Magic and post it in the Fan Fiction section right here on OnRPG.
  • Put the [Contest] tag in front of the title of your story, to make sure the judges don’t miss your entry!
  • No more than a 1000 words! (You can use this handy website to count the words in your story)
  • Keep it civil
  • The usual rules of the Fan Fiction section apply to this contest as well!
  • Entries should be posted on this forum before or latest ON the 27th of October!
  • Have fun!

For inspiration make sure to check out the description and the trailer for the Cave of the Water Dragon. The best way to get inspired of course is to play the game yourself. Give it a try, it’s free to play and you can download it right here from OnRPG.

Optional Opening Paragraph:

I awoke from darkness gasping for air.
I had no trouble breathing, but I still felt as my lungs were flooded with water.
Water… the source of all life, my master said… but it could bring death as well.
I took a look around: I was in one of the bed chambers of the palace where our quest had started. Both my sets of equipment were tidily arranged over a table, their runes shimmering faintly.
“Hey, sleeping beauty! We were waiting for you to wake up!” said one of my companions standing in the open door.
Apparently the mighty Zanordoth had saved me and my friends from the insanity of his own son Lytfir, teleporting us away before the dragon could devour us. Then his unseen servants had taken care of us and our gear, although some small patches of rust could be spotted: accursed water!
I tried to recall the events that had led us to the final battle, the challenges we had faced and the enemies we had defeated: our team had bested many foes, from hordes of small water pests to huge and powerful elementals… but nothing had prepared us for that ultimate confrontation with Lytfir.
I had to think it over: if Zanordoth wanted us to go there once again, we would not make those same mistakes again…

Have fun!

This event has expired.