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  • Developer:
    Studio 369

  • Genres:
    Free To Play, Sci-Fi, Shooter

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Metalcore is a blockchain-empowered mechanized combat game, set on a planet ready to be exploited by you - and your enemies.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes (Blockchain/NFT)

Key Features:

Faction-Based Warfare: Join the despotic Gearbreakers, theocratic Holy Corporation, or anarchic Metalpunks.

Large Scale Combat: Battle in PvP and PvE across a vast planet full of resources and land to claim.

Player Owned Assets: Blueprints and vehicle NFTs are unique and belong to you alone, and you have the power to use, trade, or rent them at will.

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  • MetalCore Gameplay Promo: Drums of War

    MetalCore is a combat game of impressive scale. Mighty factions engage in massive battles across a world teeming with creatures, dangerous enemies and valu

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