Realm Royale Closed Beta Giveaway (Xbox One)

This giveaway is for Xbox One. Follow the links for PS4 (NA) and PS4 (EU).

We have partnered with Heroic Leap Games to welcome players to the Closed Beta of Realm Royale on Xbox One.

Heroic Leap Games welcomes new players to the Realm Royale console Closed Beta on Xbox One and Playstation 4. During console Closed Beta, Realm Royale will enable crossplay between PC and Xbox players, allowing friends to stay better connected. Players can leave their feedback by joining the official Discord.

Redemption Instructions:

  • Sign on to Xbox One.
  • Visit the storefront.
  • Click Redeem/Use Code
  • Enter Code
  • Download Realm Royale

Note: Unfortunately ad blockers may interfere with our site. If you have any issues claiming a key, please disable them and try again.

This event has expired.

  • André UniVerse

    Craptcha error ever / login error ever.

    • Alex AC

      same here

      • André UniVerse

        Enter for ps4 key. This page have Create Account. 😉 Is easy. I receive.

      • Johnathan James Fournier

        Use chrome or a different browser I had the same issue but I just used a different browser thank you so much ONRPG

      • André UniVerse

        After criate u acount, return from here and chose u console.

    • Eck

      try to use IE

      • Cheese


  • Eck

    i got my code and downloading realm now!! thanks!

  • Eck

    i had to use IE

    • Cheese

      What is ie?

      • Eck

        internet explorer

  • Khary Lightsout Staggs

    What the login its asking for

    • Eck

      login that you created for this page.

  • chris

    how do i get a username pass?

    • Eck

      top of the page bro. register

  • CashSquad Roxx

    I’m trying to figure that out to

  • Tylermc

    Why cant I claim it j made an account?

    • Eck

      try to use IE

      • Tylermc

        Like on a laptop?

        • Eck

          i used a desktop/laptop. im not sure if this site u can register on mobile.

  • Tylermc

    I figured it out if your doing it on mobile click the three dots top right change the website to desktop view and try it

  • Cheese

    Error: The username you have submited is not valid. Are you sure you have registered an account? I created 2 different accounts and I still get this message, help pls

  • André UniVerse

    Na pagina Xbox, nao aparece Criar Conta. Acesse para Ps4. Crie a conta (nao peça a key). Volte a pagina de escolher console. Acesse a Conta. Peça sua key. *Uma, por ip. 😉

  • Michael Jordan

    If your doing it on your phone , click the three dots at the top right corner and then set it to desktop and then on the desktop site in the top right it will say register/ login.

  • Abort Ralley

    is there a reason the ps4 link has a bad gateway now?



  • Jeremstir Games

    How do I do dis

  • Gabriel Winston

    After an hour of working thought this, I finally did it

  • infernoNate

    I did everything i was supposed to do why aint it working?

  • Hiqu

    This game looks lit

  • Hiqu


  • chuy092006


  • Patrick Twistedphatpdollaz Kli


  • André UniVerse

    Ainda tenho keys (Xbox e Ps4)… Chame no twitter. 😉

    • Rafael

      Me da uma pfv

      • André UniVerse

        Sem problema, deixe o Gamertag ou PsnId… Eu envio por lá. 😉 *Sendo Psn, diga se é Americana ou Europeia (são keys específicas). Aguardo. 🙂

        • Eduardo Benkendorf

          me dá uma tb, por favor?

          • André UniVerse

            Claro, deixe seu gamertag ou psnid (us ou eu).

      • André UniVerse

        Deixe o gamertag ou psnid (us ou eu?)

    • Gustavo Silva

      poxa nao tenho twitter :/

      • André UniVerse

        Sem problema, deixe o Gamertag ou PsnId… Eu envio por lá. 😉 *Sendo Psn, diga se é Americana ou Europeia (são keys específicas). Aguardo.

        • Nicolas

          Manda la pra min tenho xbox one Nicolaspaiao

          • André UniVerse

            Ja envio…

  • Keyan


  • roki

    can i get 1 code plz

  • Shadow

    Looking for an xbox Key.