12Sky 2 Interview: Onrpg Members’ Questions Answered

Questions by the Onrpg Members

Answered by Shawn Silverman, Chief Game Operations Officers for MAYN Interactive Pte Ltd.

After the success of TwelveSky (12Sky), the new game Twelve Sky 2 (12sky 2) is currently in development and will prove to be an adrenaline-pumping martial arts MMORPG, ultimately intended for English speaking gamers in the European market. 12Sky 2 introduces a completely revamped game system and plenty of new features. Onrpg Members were offered a unique chance to prepare questions for MAYN Interactive about what can be expected from 12Sky 2!

Hello! This is Shawn “Phenteo” Silverman, and I am the Chief Game Operations Officer for MAYN Interactive Pte Ltd. It is a pleasure to be here with you all on Onrpg!

Onrpg members: How will TwelveSky 2 stand out from its preceding title? What are some of the core differences between these two MMORPGS?

Shawn: “TwelveSky 2” is the next step in the enthralling Chinese Saga. Players who may be already familiar with the original version will be glad to know many popular features will make their return. However, many new and exciting changes have made their way into version 2 and are quite apparent from the start. Such changes include new capital cities, beautiful new pets, dazzling new skills, Player versus Player wars starting from level 10, and not to mention a vastly improved graphics engine to say the least.

In addition, the storyline for “TwelveSky 2” has been immensely revised and remolded. Taking a unique approach, even compared to its sister versions currently released in Korea and Taiwan, the lore will be a lot more comprehensible and appealing.

Onrpg members: There are lots of 12Sky fans here, so what improvements can they look forward to in 12Sky 2?

Shawn: The reason behind the remake was that Gigassoft, the developer studio, felt that the original game was outdated. Not only in terms of graphics but on a technological front as well. So when they set out to redesign the game from the ground up, everything was improved whether it be the graphics engine GXD or the flow design of the zone maps themselves. Everything has been modified for the better. In addition, we have been able to make some additional changes in the European version of “TwelveSky 2” which we feel that our guests will enjoy very much; changes such as an ingame achievement system, among other improvements.

Onrpg members: Are there any elements of the original 12Sky that you have found unsuccessful and will not make it into the sequel?

Shawn: Yes, unfortunately, not everything has returned to “TwelveSky 2”. One of which is that you no longer have to wait until the “end game” in order to start enjoying Player versus Player combat. Fresh players are now able to compete on a fair battlefield starting from level 10!

Onrpg members: What differs this game from any other F2P MMO? Any unique features?

Shawn: The majority of games out there are designed on a “Turn-Based” combat system. “TwelveSky 2” however is not. Not only is the combat in real-time, it’s one of the most intensive and quick-paced out there! A properly executed attack, or a lack thereof, may be the deciding factor of a significant battle.

Of course, we could also talk about the dozens of lavishly designed pets, the elegantly designed weapons and armor, the glistening graphics, the story of an epic ode, and of course the bloody fights. 😉

Onrpg members: What are your ambitions for the release of this upcoming title?

Shawn: Our ambition for “TwelveSky 2” is to create a welcoming and unique experience for people new and old to online gaming, or to the Saga of TwelveSky for that matter. And how do we embark on such a daring journey you may ask? It all starts with a company motto: “In everything we do, we ask ourselves a simple question – will this make our players happy?”

In addition, we are also calling our highly valued players “guests”. By changing the label to that of a more respectable notation, the mindset among our staff begins to change. After all, you treat your guests with the utmost honor and patience.

Those are just a few examples we have in store.

Onrpg members: Will you be frequently releasing new content for Twelve Sky 2?

Shawn: Yes! The basis for any healthy survival of an online game is the continuous release of content and new activities for the community to appreciate, and “TwelveSky 2” will not be an exception to this. “TwelveSky 2” is still a very new game and has a large amount of coders and designers churning out fresh and exhilarating updates. Map updates, User Interface redesigns, you name it!

We at MAYN will be working closely with Gigassoft to make sure we have a good flow of patches coming our way.

Onrpg members: Are there going to be new classes in 12Sky 2?

Shawn: “TwelveSky 2” won’t be sporting a new class per say, but will have a new player faction called the “Ancient Sky Clan”. This once forgotten people fell victim of a large volcano many years ago and have just recently returned to the civilized world, still masters of the arts just as they were the day the city vanished.

Onrpg members: Will all the content be available from the start or will certain zones for people who leveled too quickly be locked like they were in the original Twelve Sky?

Shawn: At this time we do not have any plans to instate an “artificial” level cap for content pertaining to “TwelveSky 2”. Some zones however are restricted until an individual reaches a certain requirement, such as a certain level.

Onrpg members: The Jinong race has a special form of martial arts that can increase their speed. How does the race balance work, since the race is stated as being the slowest but most damage dealing race?

Shawn: One of the many changes in “TwelveSky 2” consists of rebalancing the three original factions. The Jinong race, now called the Fierce Tiger Clan, is now equally the same in terms of stats and bonuses, compared to the other races comprised of the Ancient Sky Clan, the Royal Snake Clan, and the Imperial Dragon Clan. Storyline wise however, the Tigers are still focusing on sheer strength above all else.

Onrpg members: Can you provide us an in-game screen shot in high resolution (1280×1024 is enough)?

Shawn: We will be distributing more exclusive screenshots and other material for “TwelveSky 2” within a week. Keep your eyes open!

Onrpg members: What kind of monsters will be battled, and will there be more variety in them than in 12Sky?

Shawn: In “TwelveSky 2”, guests will be facing off against both beast and humanoid monsters in addition to beasts being controlled by humanoids! But overall, the monsters are summoned by the Saga Swordsman Kian, Master of the Sky Clan, in order to present everyone a chance to prove their worth.

Onrpg members: What is the level difference cap for creating parties, since in 12Sky you can’t join others if you are lower level? Will it be different to 12Sky?

Shawn: “TwelveSky 2” will be similar in fashion where party members are required to be in the same level-range of each other. However, in later levels, an Adept can take on a [significantly] lower level player in a Master-Apprentice-like relationship or team.

Onrpg members: Will there be a IP ban on North America?

Shawn: As of this writing, there are no plans for “TwelveSky 2 Europe”, which is published by MAYN Interactive, to have an IP address restriction on any Western region.

Onrpg members: Will 12Sky 2 have WASD keyboard character movement controls? That’s one thing that kept me from playing the original 12Sky, I can’t stand click-to-move character movement controls. It never works properly in a MMORPG.

Shawn: We at MAYN understand that WASD movement is the favorable method between it and click-to-move. However “TwelveSky 2” was designed on a click-to-move system. We have been working closely with Gigassoft on a number of potential issues, WASD included, and we hope to make it available to our guests for their convenience.

Onrpg members: Will 12Sky 2 feature higher screen resolutions? Such as 1600×1200 (1600×1200 is my current screen resolution.) and higher. Also will the game have screen resolutions for widescreen monitors? I am looking to buy one very soon.

Shawn: The current resolution options are reflected off of the capabilities of your graphics card. So being that your system can already support 1600 X 1200, I believe so, yes. In addition, widescreen is supported in both Window and Fullscreen mode.

Onrpg members: I know it’s not a game breaking thing, but will 12Sky 2 have a jump function with a collision system? So you can jump on to things and over things.

Shawn: Jumping is available in “TwelveSky 2” as a skill, which allows you to jump onto walls, rooftops, across valleys, and more! Feel free to act like a ninja and ambush your friends!

Onrpg members: What kind of weapons and classes will be featured in 12Sky 2?

Shawn: Within “TwelveSky 2” there are currently four player races, with a total of nine classes each. All classes are completely interchangeable within your own clan/race. The classes are as follows:

Dragon Clan – Heavy Sword, Light Sword, and the Marble; Snake Clan – Saber, Double Blades, and the Lute; Tiger Clan – Light Blade, Long-Spear, and the Phurba.

Thanks you Shawn!

Shawn: A big thank you to the Onrpg Staff for this wonderful opportunity!

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