Antlion Audio Announces ‘ModMic USB’

ModMic USB and UNI

Antlion Audio revealed a pair of new projects coming off the back of their first full revamp of their “ModMic” products, and they are the ModMic USB and the ModMic Uni. The ModMic USB is the first wired USB attachable mic. Antlion Audio are using new mic capsules, a dedicated mic pre-amp, and a premium ADC chipset. They aimed to create the easiest to use, best quality, wired ModMic ever. Plus, it has that sweet digital mute tech from the ModMic Wireless.

For those of you that prefer the 3.5mm connection, the ModMic Uni is just what you need. You can plug it into any 3.5mm port, or use their USB/XLR adapters as needed. They gutted the original, from the pop-filter to termination, and offer the same premium mic capsule. It also has new RF shielding, wiring, and a new mute switch.

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