Alganon: Private Beta started

Quest Online is pleased to announce the start of Private Beta for Alganon MMOG.
"It’s been more than three years since we started the Alganon project," says David Allen, Creator of Alganon and co-founder of Quest Online. "As we enter the final months approaching release, everything is finally coming together. It’s wonderful to see the world come to life as we prepare to share this expansive game with everyone."
To support the increased traffic as a result of the Private Beta, Quest Online recently launched a new website design and interface that will help the community to more easily access and disseminate Alganon news and content. This effort includes an introduction to the Library, available first to Private Beta testers. The Library is a complete in-game database that will eventually be integrated directly into the MyAlganon website.
"The MyAlganon Community and Library systems really represent the next step in MMOG infrastructure, by bringing people together and sharing source information about the game with the players," says David Allen. "Our recently updated Alganon website system reflects the new and upcoming details of the game."
In anticipation of the Public Beta and release of Alganon, community members should register at, effectively reserving their login username for the game.
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