Ashes of Oahu Exclusive Developer Blog – The Factions of Oahu

Ashes of Oahu

During Kai’s adventure throughout Ashes of Oahu, he will come across five distinct factions. Kai will be able to interact with four of these factions and gain or lose reputation depending on his choices. The fifth faction, the Raiders, will always be his enemy. Depending on Kai’s standing with the individual factions, he will gain access to new skills. In today’s blog, we take a look at two of the factions that Kai can work with to become his friends, or work against to become his foes, The Research Institute, and the Islanders.

The Research Institute:

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A secretive scientific collective, the Institute for Research at Oahu, colloquially known as The Research Institute (T.R.I.), has identified an elusive energy field that they believe holds the key to unlimited power. This privately owned and operated non-profit organization believes that by harnessing this energy, they may find the key to Oahu’s salvation. In their attempt to restore Oahu and undo the damage of the Hekili Nui T.R.I. has been suspected to infringe upon the livelihood of the other factions. Believing their ways superior, if not the only way to do things. If Kai chooses to assist the T.R.I. on his journey, he will gain access to skills dealing with energy weapons and n-dimensional technology (N-Tech) augmentations. Two of the earliest skills Kai can unlock are Chemistry and Educated. Chemistry will increase the duration and effect of drugs on Kai. Educated will grant Kai bonus experience points throughout Ashes of Oahu. One of the later skills Kai can unlock is Penetrating Round. This allows Kai’s shots to punch through enemies.

The Islanders:

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After the cataclysm that shaped the events preceding Ashes of Oahu, survivors of all kinds came together to support one another. This group of people has come to be known as the Islanders. While not willing to be subjects of the Lava Dogs, return to the ancestral ways of the Hawaiians or adapt all of T.R.I.’s technology, the Islanders do attempt to live in relative peace with the others on the island. While they aren’t as traditionalist as the Hawaiians, they attempt to treat others with respect and live in harmony with their neighbors. Still, flare-ups are known to occur along their borders. Over the years they have grown into a loose collection of agricultural communities working together tirelessly to do more than just survive. Befriending the Islanders and helping them advance their cause will grant Kai access to skills that specialize in medicine, rifles, and horses. There are twelve skills in all that Kai can choose from and learn. Two of the earliest are Hunter and Riding. Hunter elevates damage against animals. Riding increases Kai’s mounted speed as well as the maximum stamina of his horse. As Kai increases in faction standing with the Islanders, he will eventually be able to unlock skills like Mounted Weaponry. This skill allows for extended firing with higher accuracy of mounted weapons.

You can pre-order Ashes of Oahu now and receive access to the upcoming closed beta as well as 3 days early access once the game is released. Be among the first to assist the T.R.I. and the Islanders in their efforts to reclaim Oahu or turn them into your mortal enemies as soon as the game launches! You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook, as well as join their Discord.

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