Chronicles of Spellborn: Glorious High Houses and gorgeous 3D Shops

Final 3D buildings implemented into The Chronicles of Spellborn

Developer Spellborn NV has integrated the final design of important 3D buildings into the start region of The Chronicles of Spellborn with the last big content patch before the release of the game at the end of November. Additionally to High House Silver introduced last week, High House Rune, High House Shroud and High House Maul are now sitting enthroned in their final location in Hawksmouth and Aldenvault. Designed as fully three-dimensional objects, they will assume important functions for the five major factions in the fantasy online-roleplaying game. Although all five High Houses belong to the Enclave of Five Sacrifices they differ in their history, their main orientation and political conviction. Players can join one of them after reaching fame level 10 and will then experience The Chronicles of Spellborn from a slightly diverging perspective integrated in individual quest lines.

Besides the High Houses, also the 3D shops in Hawsmouth are now implemented in their final design and function. Spreaded over the start town, users can buy items and potions in the tavern, the rune shop, the soul shop and the spirit shop. Given the necessary fame level and ingame money, players can acquire new items for their gear or body slots by simply dragging them from a shop window to their inventory. In the forge, players are able to have a capable blacksmith craft recipes, which they have gained from completed quests or looted in fights with mobs before. The crafting recipes require resources that players find in the dangerous mines and outdoor zones of the shard realms.

To illustrate the new 3D buildings, publisher Frogster has now released a series of impressive screenshots from the current closed beta. The High Houses are explained on the brand new website in more detail. MMO fans can still register there to have an early look into the game. The Chronicles of Spellborn will be released on November 27th in Europe and North America.

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