Cloud Nine: CBT Key Giveaway Catches on Fire!

There has been a lot of interest for CloudNine amongst OnRPG visitors lately! Nearly 2000 Beta Keys were gone only four days after CBT key giveaway event started. We received a great amount of visitors seeking information about the Beta and the game at OnRPG. The second CBT Key Giveaway went equally fast and all keys are now gone there as well!

Cloud Nine’s Closed Beta Test is the first step in MGAME USA’s ‘Cloud Nine Enhance Project’, which also includes a Hack Test and other ways for player’s to help make the game it’s best before launch.

MGAME USA will be giving away special promotional in game items to players who join the Cloud Nine Closed Beta Test as an expression of gratitude for showing their interest in the game and helping to make it better. Various in-game events have been prepared to entertain CBT participants.  Cloud Nine’s Project Manager at MGAME USA has stated that he appreciates player’s interest in the game and he will do his best to provide the most gratifying gaming experience.

The Cloud Nine Closed Beta Test will start on September 27th.  It will be held for 3 weeks every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday during the testing period.

In the coming CBT the content will be ready up to Level 35 and will feature six classes for three races, quests, a crafting system, a monster shifting system, PvP and taming.


CloudNine - Betakeys are flying out the door at OnRPG!

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