Conquer Online: Ninja Release Date Confirmed

As the most appealing feature of the New Dynasty expansion, the Ninja is upon our doorstep! Now the TQ team is glad to announce the Ninja’s release date! The exotic shadowy warriors will land at the shore of Conquer’s realm at 20:00 December the 19th 2008 PST (04:00 a.m. December 20th 2008 GMT).

To celebrate the debut of the Ninja, TQ team will provide you with:
1. Free Heaven’s Blessing for 30 days after leaving Birth Village.
2. All players will receive an amazing special gift pack.
3. A new server, (Water) under the Elements group!

It is undoubted that Ninjas will bring even more conflict to the already chaotic Conquer universe. We hope that this provides players with brand-new immersive gameplay experience. Don’t hesitate to join the friction! Arm yourself with a legendary katana and unleash the power of ninjutsu! Hyaaaaar!

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