Dec. 8th Elf Online Close Beta

Bravo, the most jocose prank mmorpg in history—Elf Online ( will start its close beta on EST 2:00pm Dec. 8th. Happymmo is also pleased to announced the release of the download URL at Players who have got a beta key may download the client and use the keys to enter the game directly. For those players who haven’t got a beta key. You may click here to join our beta key give away event to get one in Elf Online Forum (

During Close Beta, players could still apply for a beta key. After the close beta, all player dates will be deleted. If you encounter any questions, please go to our Support Center or forum Help Center (, our GM and moderator will be pleased to help you at the first time in close beta, bugs are unavoidable. We welcome players to report the bugs they find to us. There will also be a Bug Hunting Event during the close beta. Players who make the most contribution to Elf Online will be generously rewarded. We will try our best to create a perfect Elf Online and bring as much fun to our player as possible.

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