Elsword’s 11 Day Halloween Extravaganza Starts Now

Elsword's 11 Day Halloween Extravaganza Starts Now news header

KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, today announces the start of their yearly and highly anticipated Halloween Dungeon and Event launch.

Obnoxiously sexy costumes, the visceral art of how best to throw away candy corn and the newest iteration of the “I know what you screamed last paranormal the 13th” movie aren’t the only things to look forward to this Halloween. Elsword‘s latest and greatest of Halloween merriment shines like the harrowing eyes of some unknown horror just outside your window, or an eerily pale, wailing, long-haired child crawling down the hallway towards you on its elbows at breakneck speed. Ok… well, it’s not that bad, but hey!

Here’s what you need to know about Elsword’s new Halloween Dungeon ‘Candy House in the Woods’:

  • Get in with a Candy Basket being Lv. 10 and up: Players can already get the Candy Basket dungeon ticket item via the NPC Ariel in the ongoing pre-Halloween event. Of course, you’ll also get a couple of these baskets daily for the next 2 weeks. Just play every day
  • A Challenge for the Sweet Tooth: Who says sweet can’t be scary? This Halloween dungeon is a combination of both sweet and scary; filled with treats but positively frightening. Once you’re in, watch out for in-game prompts, and get ready to face an incubus, a lot of gingerbread baddies, and the Witch that’s orchestrating this nightmare!
  • Gather Witch’s Rings for Halloween Costumes and more: By defeating the dungeon boss, you get to pick up this an awesome event item. They can be collected and exchanged via the NPC Ariel for various useful items, Halloween costume pieces, and even the new HellHound mount!

Aside from being axed in the noggin’ by some slasher fiend on the scariest night of the year, one of the most stressful things about Halloween is finding a costume. However, Elsword has you covered.
Steam players pay attention! There will be a very special, exclusive Elsword DLC event launching next week that will keep you looking absolutely fabulous while trick-or-treating and chasing down candy obsessed witches in Elsword. Keep your eyes on the Elsword Steam page for more details coming soon.

Get in-game, don your costumes and take a jaunt through the candy-coated spooktacular new Elsword Halloween Dungeon.

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