Fiesta Patch Introduces New Veterans Day Items, Dances

The latest patch for the free-to-play MMORPG Fiesta is now available.

New camouflage Veteran’s Day items allowing players to honor real world heroes in-game are now available in the Fiesta Store. Players can also partner up with friends and form teams of two for the D-Day tag team PvP event running Thursday through Sunday this week.

The new patch also introduces the new Gender Change item to the Fiesta Store, allowing players to further customize their experience and change the gender of already-existing characters. Because the Gender Change item also resets a character’s appearance to its default state, the Beauty Shop Coupon, which allows players to choose from additional visual customization options for their character, will be 50% off for the remainder of the week.

Finally, Set Items have also come to Fiesta. These powerful items are dropped at random from monsters in the world, and provide additional bonuses when paired with other items from the same set.

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