Interview with Mr Zhou Bin: Chairman and CEO of Globex Studios

Interview with Mr Zhou Bin: Chairman and CEO of Globex

At the recently concluded Game Developers Conference 2010, Globex Studios officially announced the establishment of Globex Studios LA (Los Angeles). In charge of the new studio will be Mr Carey Chico, who is positioned as the President and Chief Creative Officer. Mr Carey Chico’s previously worked at Electronic Arts (EA), where he was the Executive Art Director of Pandemic Studios. Globex Studios LA will work together with the 2 other Globex offices, including the headquarters at Tianjin, China and studio at Taipei, Taiwan.
Staff at Globex Studios LA have worked on various hit titles before, including Command & Conquer, Tekken, DOOM, Age of Empires, Rainbox Six and many more. With 3 studios working together from 3 different locations and a pool of industry talent, did an exclusive interview with the head honcho, Mr Zhou Bin, Chairman and CEO of Globex Studios, about the company’s developments.

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Question: Globex Studios is still a rather unfamiliar name amongst online gamers in China, where the headquarter is based. Can you briefly introduce to us about your company?
Answer: Globex Studios started out in 2005 in Tianjin, China. We first worked on offline games for consoles and cellphones. We were practically unheard of as we we at the backend of operations, which is developing and design. Now, with 3 studios in North America, China and Taiwan, we are aiming to break into the global online gaming market. Currently, we have a total of nearly 100 employees, which will soon increase as we start to hire more talent.
Question: Finding talent is important for any company. How is the talent pool in Globex Studios like?
Answer: Yes, talent is exactly what’s needed in this industry. At Globex Studios, we not only hire talents who have been in the industry for some time, but we also aim to build a work environment where talents can be nurtured. The core members of the developing team each has 15 years of industry experience, we plan to let newcomers learn as much as possible from them. Most of our employees are in the development section now, we are looking to hire mor efor other departments soon.
Question: Globex Studios started out developing games for the cellphone. Why the decision to break into the online gaming market?
Answer: While we will continue to focus on the cellphone gaming market, the online gaming market is the perfect platform for us to showcase our abilities in developing games for all sorts of device. Developing cellhpone games takes a shorter time, which is good for a new company. Our executives have mast amount of experience in developing big 3D games, coupled with the fast emerging online gaming market in China, so the next step forward is just natural.
Question: Globex Studios announced the establishment of Globex Studios LA at the recent Game Developers Conference. What is the role of the studio amongst the 3 studios? Why the decision to set up a North American studio?
Answer: Yes, we have just announced Globex Studios LA at GDC 2010. The gaming industry is much more matured in North America compared to China, and with the aim to break into global markets, we will need the expertise of North American industry talents with regards to infrastructures, production and technology. Hence, the North American studio is being set up due to gaining valuable experience.
Question: Do the 3 studios from North America, China and Taiwan work together? Or do they work on inddividual projects?
Answer: Our studios work together to develope our upcoming MMOs. For out first MMO, the idea was from Taipei (Taiwan) and the 2 studios will be working on the project together.
Question: There are currently 2 MMOs in development. Can you tell us anything about them?
Answer: While I cannot give you the details, I can leak a little information. The first MMO will be a cute-style MMO for teens and teenagers, while the second title will be fantasy MMO.
Question: What engine is being used to develope these 2 games?
Answer: One title will be developed using the BigWorld engine, while the other will be using our self-developed engine.
Question: When will more news about these 2 game be available?
Answer: We plan to release more information at this year’s E3 convention.
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