League of Legends Championship Today!

League of Legends Season 1 Finals Today!



The League of Legends Season One Championship continues today, live from Dreamhack in Sweden. After dozens of amazing battles over the weekend, we’re down to the final match at 3:00 PM PDT today, Monday, June 20th. For once in Esports, the asian teams have not dominated the field, and the tournament is winding down to three remaining teams. Representing the United States, Team Solo Mid continues to trudge on against the French team aAa. Awaiting the winner of this battle is the EU team FnaticMSI.



For any remote fan of League of Legends, this is an exciting day. Not only will one of the most epic clashes in LoL history occur today at 3pm PDT, but a near era of League of Legends will ring in starting next week with the release of Yorick the Gravedigger. I expect great things from Season 2 of League of Legends!



I will be skipping work to tune in for the finals today at 3pm, and I suggest you do so as well. Check out this link to get access to the live stream for League of Legends’ Championship match!

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