Zenith Review


Have they been following me around?

Too many RPGs take themselves far too seriously. It’s a thing I never thought I’d write down, but it’s true. Too many spiky haired heroes out to fight the world-ending God and so forth.  So when I got the call to play Zenith, I couldn’t refuse when I read the description of the game: Save the world from misguided “heroes” in Zenith! Nothing could be more accurate. I’m still going through the game, as I’ve only had a limited amount of time with it, but I’ve fallen in love with the writing and characters almost immediately. I desperately wish I had played with a controller though. This is an action-RPG and playing with keyboard/mouse is just awkward to me. My screenshots are from early in the game so I don’t spoil it, but I definitely want to get more of this.  Idiot heroes, huge demons, grizzled military generals, Zenith has it all. Including magical singing spiders. I’m not kidding. And when you fight them, they have very good tone. Argus is a 30-something wizard needed for a final task: Protect powerful magical macguffin bullshit from hero-complex teenagers, idiots who think they are the “chosen one”, and more angst than you could shake a stick at. You can see why this might appeal to me. Argus is basically my spirit animal.


I can confirm this is a fact.

It’s a pleasant blend of sci-fi and fantasy, while continuing to not take itself seriously at all. At. All. Oh my goodness. The Golem is terrific, and when I was standing before an ancient, legendary temple that could not be opened even with the codex we needed, a starship obliterates the door with a laser.  I have not laughed so heartily at a roleplaying game in a long while, whilst simultaneously wanting to know more. They explain how things work in the game in fun ways, and the gameplay is very easy to get used to. You have your attack button [main], dodge button, a magical shield you can conjure, a spell button and another button for scrolls and the like. You can also use your other sticks to activate potions/etc. Nothing complex at all. Sometimes simple is bad, but this is for the best. It fits the style of game they’re putting out. I was disappointed there wasn’t voice acting, but that is only because I wanted to hear some of this stuff outside of my own head.

tl:dr: If you aren’t playing this on PS4/Steam [and later on, XB1] what are you doing with your life!? 5/5 fun, visually appealing, hilarious. It’s easy to get into, very easy to stay hooked. The characters are all interesting, the jokes and references made me chuckle, and the gameplay is frankly fun and action-packed. This is a must-try.

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