Offensive Combat Redux! is Live on Steam

Offensive Combat_ Redux! - OFFICIAL LAUNCH TRAILER - YouTube

The most interesting shooter I’ve personally ever played, the fast, furious and hilarious Offensive Combat: Redux! is live on Steam! Incredible weapons, from assault rifles to futuristic alien technology and dozens of cosmetics that let you play as anything from Commandos, Teckos, Robots, Pirates, or the mysterious “Drumpf” or “Killary”! Anyone can enjoy this shooter, whether you play Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, or are more of a Free-for-all Deathmatch fan, European and American players can get in the game now!

Additionally, through the end of August, people that purchase the game and login during the month of August, will receive an exclusive set of VIP Founder’s avatar parts. These special in-game items will show which players have been around from the start. Included is a special edition Gold Disco Ball Head, 2 Gold VIP Jackets (1 Female and 1 Male), Gold Pants, Gold Shoes and you guessed it, Gold Gloves. Players will be so gold, people will be telling them to watch out or they’ll OG!

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