OnRPG Shotgun News 5/30: Wargaming, The Aurora World and Shadowrun Online

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG News Monkey


Wargaming One Step Closer to Unified System

With the introduction of the Unified Premium Account system Wargaming is one step closer to their goal of a unified group of games. The account will have access to all of Wargaming’s games and give a bonus to experience and credit accrual rate. The accounts will debut during World of Warships enters open beta.


The Aurora World Introduces New Dungeon

The Invisible Dungeon is home to a woman who was once a great beauty that was corrupted by arrogance and jealousy. The Gods punished her by transforming her into a terrible beast. Then she slept, dreaming of revenge and more. Now she’s awake and only you can stop her.


Shadowrun Online Clarifies F2P Model

A new post on the Shadowrun Online website outlines the F2P model they will adopt. It includes a premium currency which F2P accounts must buy using real cash. Those from the Campaign model will be able to buy everything using only the in game currency. Campaigners will also get a boost to cash, karma, and loot.

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