OnRPG Shotgun News 8/29: Ran Online, WoW, FireFall, and much more!

OnRPG Shotgun News 8/29: Ran Online, Otherland, FireFall, and much more!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



Tribal Wars Summer Championship Is On


The qualifications round of Tribal Wars’ Summer Games Championship is over. 75 tribes are moving ahead into the final round. The competition picks up again on September 4th when players compete for ipads, phones and titles. It is expected to take nearly two months before the grand finale will be held.



Ran Online Reveals New PvP Optimized Assassin Class

Ran Online has revealed details of its new Assassin class which has been optimized for PvP play. They are able to hide and teleport as well as turn themselves into animals for faster movement. They also have a skill called Crowd Control which is specially designed for group PvP combat situations. The update featuring the new class is expected on September 27th.



WoW Has Pre Expansion Patch

World of Warcraft is getting ready to go full on Panda. A pre expansion patch has been released in preparation of Mists of Pandaria which releases September 25th. The patch includes updates to achievements, pets, and mounts, the introduction of AoE looting, BattleTag support, class changes, some currency conversion, and so much more! For more details check out the patch notes on the World of Warcraft website.



Free Realms to Show Off Sunstone Valley On Twitch.tv


Free Realms Producer Harvey Burgess is getting together with designers Eric Hankins and Christ Fritchoff to show off a never before seen zone. The reveal will be broadcast live on Twitch.tv this Thursday at 4 PDT. They will also be sharing a few more changes that have been made to Free Realms. Be sure to show up on time as the broadcast is only expected to last for 15 minutes.



Zynga Chief Creative Officer Leaves to Start His Own Company

Mike Verdu has announced that he is leaving Zynga to form his own as yet unnamed mobile game studio. This comes less than a month after Zynga’s then COO John Schappert left the studio. Verdu has stressed that his departure is an amicable one and that Zynga will be investing in the new company.



Firefall Reveals Special Deals for Founders

Firefall has revealed a specials Founders Package which will be made available for the first time at PAX. In addition over the PAX weekend, (that’s this weekend) there will be a discount on the Founders Packages. And if you buy your package at PAX you’ll get your very own Merch pet. After PAX the packages will be available for a short time at the standard price. For all the details please see the following video.




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