Paladins Open Beta Thoughts:

Paladins PS4/XB1

Or “I love you more today than yesterday”, as sung by Goldfinger. When I first got into Paladins, I had some major issues. It was very one-sided, never more than one map, the characters just didn’t inspire me. If you started to lose a match, there was virtually no way to come back, and I was stuck in Payload. FOREVER. I HATE PAYLOAD. However, I came back with the Open Beta because I wanted to see how it had changed. I had been assured it has, and I was not disappointed. Not even a little bit. I actually enjoyed myself! I streamed it over on OnRPG’s Facebook! The way the Capture map exceeded my expectations. It’s not super long, it’s intense, and even if you didn’t capture the point, you can still get a point in a round!  I enjoy that you can mix and match skins/costume stuff so that you can look how you want to look. I talk about it at length in the stream and you guys should definitely check it out! I also have Smite skins I’ll be giving away between those OnRPG streams and over at Bottom Tier! I found myself quickly enamored with Paladins again, and it’s definitely not Overwatch, Jesus Christ. That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve read on the Internet. I did want to say Thank You to Drybear, and everyone who works on it and continues to improve the game. I had my doubts, and they were earnestly dispelled.All told, you need to be playing Paladins. If not on PC, register for the beta!

AND BOMB KING THOUGH. Whoever designed him deserves a fucking medal. And I want a little Bomb King statue for my desk. I want one more than I can even describe.

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  • Mike Guzman

    Had fun watching your stream on this game the other night 🙂 and “GIVE YOUR KING A HUG” needs to be on a T-shirt!