RIFT 1.8 News

RIFT 1.8 News

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist




With so much going on in RIFT now it is impossible to get all the information out before there’s even more. I promised a couple of weeks ago in MEAD that I would tell you all about the 1.8 news that has been coming out. Thanks to a video report that was featured on G4 we have seen that 1.8 is on its way fast! So instead of making you all wait here is a roundup of the 1.8 news so far.



A new 20 man raid called Infernal Dawn based in the volcano in the Ember Isle. It is the next step up from Hammerknell making it the most difficult.



Three new skills are coming out:

Fishing: Catch fish, boots and other odd things that may be thrown away.

Trapping: An alternate way to get hides. Also allows for the capture of pets.

Survivalist: Make food, tents, and bandages that are useful for getting through the levels and beyond.



A mentoring system. There are no details on this yet but it has a lot of potential!



PvP Changes! Changes are being made to aid persistent world pvp and moving beyond a two faction system.



Leadership boards.



Instant adventure changes to bring more story to them. As well as Instant adventure in Ember Isle



These are just a few of the great things we have to look forward to with 1.8. Can’t wait. Sadly we have to, and now I return you to your regularly scheduled partying.

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