Rohan: Blood Feud hits the half million mark

Online PC game publisher YNK Interactive today announced that they have reached and surpassed 500,000 registered players for their massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Rohan: Blood Feud.

“I’m thrilled to have hit the half million mark, and still counting”, said Jun Lee, CEO of YNK Interactive. “As we continue to expand the game, so are we expanding our community base. We look forward to continuing to announce milestones like this in the months and years ahead.”

Rohan: Blood Feud has also been continuously growing through new added features in the game. The additions include a Game Parlor and Exchange Market, separating it from other MMORPGs, as well as new dungeons, events, and in-game items.

Continued expansion is on the agenda for the coming year, maintaining Rohan: Blood Feud’s appeal to its loyal players and potential new ones in the future.

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