Runes of Magic: French And Spanish Closed Beta Launched

Following on from successes already achieved, Runes of Magic now reaches another milestone with the start of its French and Spanish closed beta version. French and Spanish players now have the opportunity to explore the multi award winning fantasy online game world of Runes of Magic in their own languages on two new high-end servers. Accompanying the beta start the official website is now available in Spanish and French, too. French players can find their channel at , while Spaniards can surf over to New online adventurers can immediately register there for the closed beta to set up a character in their own language version. Players who are already registered can do this without any restrictions using their previous account.

The French and Spanish language closed beta phase is set to run until the end of July 2009 under current plans. Following a comprehensive update of the version, including a deletion of the beta characters, the open beta will begin subsequently. Frogster will be shortly announcing an exact date. In the following change-over to the release version Frogster will not perform another ‘character wipe’. This will allow players to carry over their characters from the open beta into the launch version. The release version will officially go live in France and Spain in September including the comprehensive new content of Runes of Magic ‘Chapter II – the Elven Prophecy’. Runes of Magic already counts more than 1,400,000 registered players worldwide up to now.

Runes Of Magic

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