Shotgun News 10/17: Archlord, PlanetSide 2, GW 2, and much more

Shotgun News 10/17: Archlord, PlanetSide 2, GW2, and much more

Archlord Celebrates Third Birthday

Webzen is celebrating the third birthday of it’s MMO Archlord. As a thank you to the fans limited edition royal cloaks are being given out. And their Halloween event will run through most of November. During which special pumpkin monsters will roam the world for players to kill for unique buffs and other benefits.

SOE Keynote Speech to Announce Planetside 2 Date

The keynote speech from the SOE conference this weekend will feature a peek at the third continent, long term plans and most importantly the release date for Planetside 2. This was announced on the Planetside 2 forums in a State of the Game.

STO Gateway Announced

Star Trek Online has announced a new tool to be used outside of the game to look up character status, ship status, accolades and more. The tool is for desktops, smartphones and tablets. And most awesomely it’s all in LCARS.

SOE President Addresses Fan Over ProSiebenSat.1 Concerns

John Smedley has gone to twitter to address fans over their concerns about ProSiebenSat.1. In it he stated he felt that the company would be able to provide better customer service and payment options for EU players. Also that ProSiebenSat.1 has been listening to concerns and are in the middle of changing their customer service policies. It was also stated that once Planetside 2 launches new EU accounts will only be allowed to be created on ProSiebenSat.1. It was also stated that anyone who has already transferred DCUO over cannot transfer back.

First SMITE Tournament Announced

The first ever SMITE tournament has been announced to take place at Paris Games Week. If you can’t make it to Paris the entire thing will be broadcast live on ESL TV.

Prizes for the event will add up to €10,000.

Guild Wars 2 Gems Now Available in a Store Near You

Starting this week at select retailers you will be able to purchase Guild Wars 2 Gem cards. They’ll be found most places that stock game cards. If your local retailer doesn’t have them you’re encouraged to enquire when they will.

Return to Darkfall Online Free

Starting today anyone who has ever played Darkfall can play again for free. This is only for a limited time though as the servers will be brought down to make room for Darkfall Unholy Wars. More information about the event can be found out on the official blog.

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