Shotgun News 10/19: PlanetSide 2, DCUO, RaiderZ, and much more

Shotgun News 10/19: Planetside 2, DCUO, RaiderZ, and much more!


Planetside 2 Launch Date Announced

As I mentioned yesterday the launch date of Planetside 2 was announced during the Keynote speech at SOE last night. Well now we are pleased to say that the date you’re looking for is November 20, 2012. It will be free to play with the option of paying for a premium account as well as an in game market. More information from SOE Live can be found lower down in the article, or for more a more in depth look check out DizzyPW’s article from live on location.

38 Studios Auction Raises $180k

The first of several auctions to sell off assets from the failed 38 Studios has raised $180,000. Two more auctions are set to take place but it is unlikely they will be able to raise the 150.7 million dollars the studio has in debt. The next auction takes place on Tuesday and will be focused on selling off the equipment from the studio’s headquarters in Rhode Island. The final auction will involve the intellectual properties that 38 Studios once owned.

DCUO Announces Player Housing

Player housing, lairs, maybe even a dungeon or two are coming to DCUO in the biggest DLC release to date. Home Turf will allow players to create their own homes and even fight in them. Along with the new houses several iconic locations will be put in place for new missions that will help out with the creation of the new player houses. The DLC will be free for Legendary members and premium/free players will be able to buy it.

Zynga Settles Lawsuit Over Name

Zynga and French gaming company Kobojo have settled the lawsuit about using “ville” in the name of Kobojo’s game PyramidVille. The game’s name has been changed to PyramindValley and though Zynga was originally asking for damages that were no less than three times the profit the game had made the studio so far no money was exchanged.

Assassins and More Coming to SEVENCORE in November

Assassins are leaping into SEVENCORE at the start of November. Along with the new class come a new race called Aimons. In addition the level cap is being raised to 95. Aimons will be able to play any class and are said to have a few surprises for players.

Extra Life Charity Gaming Marathon Taking Place This Weekend

This weekend more than 14,000 gamers all around the world are going to do what they do best, play games. But this isn’t any average gaming weekend. This weekend those 14,000 plus will be playing for 24 hours straight, raising money for local children’s hospitals all around the world. Our very own writers Meticulous Meta and Ardua will be playing City of Heroes as they take part in the event. Check back at OnRPG all through Saturday to see hourly updates from Meta on how she’s doing, what she’s doing and much more.

RaiderZ Holds Pre Open Beta Stress Test

RaiderZ servers will be turned on Monday for a stress test before the official beta begins just two days later. As a thank you for taking part Gameforge has said they will not wipe the servers before open beta starts, so if you take part you’ll have a headstart on everyone else.


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