Shotgun News 1/24: ArcheAge, SWTOR, LoL, and More!

Shotgun News 1/24: ArcheAge, SWTOR, LoL, and More!

ArcheAge Heads West Via Trion



It has been announced that Trion Worlds has signed a deal with XL Games to bring ArchAge to the Western markets. Trion aims to launch the game later this year inTurkey,Australia, Europe, andNorth America.

League of Legends Mac Now Available


Mac users take note! League of Legends is now available for you in beta. Riot is inviting all Mac users to give it a try and leave feedback on how it goes.

SWTOR Releases Rise of the Hutt Cartel Video and Pre Order Items


As Star Wars fans get ready for the release of the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion to STWOR a new video has been released along with the pre order information. Players can now pre order the expansion for $19.99 or $9.99 for subscribers. With them will come a mini pet and a title. You can check out the new video for yourself below.

Rift State of the Game Hints at 2.2 and Beyond


The first part of the two part state of the game for 2013 brought the shocking news about Scott Hartsman leaving Trion. Part two talks about the upcoming Carnival of the Ascended which celebrates the game’s birthday with carnival games and tasty treats as well as the long awaited unlocking of the third tier of Planar Attunement.

GUNS and ROBOTS Begins Open Beta


Masthead Studios has announced that their hit shooter GUNS and ROBOTS has entered open beta. You can access the game via the official website and any robots made now will not be deleted.

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