Shotgun News 6/6: Arcane Saga, Wartune, Dragon’s Prophet, and more!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG News Mistress


Arcane Saga Launches on Netmarble and Steam

Arcane Saga Launch

Adventure seeking heroes, get in line as the f2p fantasy MMORPG Arcane Saga launches today on Netmarble and Steam! Players can sign up to play on the official site or directly on Steam. Players who access it through Steam will be able to purchase exclusive item packages with a variety of handy tools. It is billed as fast paced without the grind and you can get to level 25 in just hours.


Wartune 1.6 Announced

The strategy/RPG MMO Wartune will be getting an update to 1.6 mid June. The major focus will be on The Class Wars. These are events which allow players to take part in cross server PvP battles where they can win a variety of prizes. The strongest players could earn special mounts and other unique items. 1.6 will also introduce tanks to Wartune! Tank battles will take place every day which will give players rewards for destroying as many enemy tanks as possible.


Dragon’s Prophet Turns into the Land of the Living Dead

Players fight back a zombie invasion and much more next to a smouldering volcano in the new starting area of Dragon’s Prophet. The area is also home to some dragons though which can be captured and tamed. The new area, Puretia joins the two already existing starter zones giving players more choice than ever.



NGames Releases Gameplay Details for Pockie Saints

Pockie Saints is a new MMO coming to us thanks to and NGames. Players are thrust into the middle of a struggle between Order and Chaos. When the blade of Chaos comes crashing down to Earth it is left up to the players to go on an epic journey to master the Zodiac horoscopes and find a Holy Blade capable of putting the world right again. Pockie Saints will be granted three unique buffs a day, which you get depends on your Zodiac sign.

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