Street Fighter V: “8 Frames” Controversy:


Street Fighter V has been one of the biggest fighters this year. With two new characters already out in the form of Alex and Guile, the game is slowly getting better and better. It was not without its faults during the beta/launch period, with many players not being able to access features, or even the game itself! I still love you Capcom, even if you make me sad. It’s kind of like an abusive relationship, but with DLC. Sure, it’s great that so far both characters haven’t had to be paid for, but there’s one terrible problem looming overhead: Input lag! PlayStation 4 users have native, before internet, 8 frames of input lag. PC users have 4 frames.  What does that mean? It means exactly what it says: There is a fraction of time between pressing the button and the action happening. I do not feel it would be a big issue without crossplay, but that is on the table.


Certain characters are slower out of the box, and certain characters with a very reaction-heavy lifestyle, or footsie game reliant.  Footsies are the mid-screen pokes where you try to gain an advantage over your opponent without diving in head-first.  You have say, Zangief. He can easily be put into positons where he has no choice but to react. And with those extra frames, miliseconds of input lag, that’s the difference between a combo landing, and losing points. And nobody likes losing points. Nobody. I do feel like it is something that needs to be addressed, but I also doubt there’s an answer. You can’t just “turn off the lag”. It’s one of the most disappointing things I’ve seen in Street Fighter V yet; although thankfully, I have Street Fighter V on both platforms, but I play on PC, so I only get the four frames.  #pcmasterrace

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