This Just In: New VR Mode coming to DOTA 2!

DOTA 2 Editorial

The Virtual Reality craze is really going wild. You can’t swing a dead cat without finding a new game with a VR Mode, or a new VR game on the Vive, or PSVR, etc. But we found something really interesting here at OnRPG Towers today, and that’s that DOTA 2 has VR support! Well, I did some digging and scouring across the Internet this morning, and I learned just a little more about it. Have you ever wanted to plug in an HTC Vive, autolock Lone Druid, and trudge through the jungles, and get that visceral thrill of ganking someone and being able to truly witness just how majestic and powerful you are? Do you want to feel the heat rising from your hands as you Dragon Slave people as Lina, obliterating them? To watch your foe turn to literal ash from your ridiculous power? To only be able to see the points of the game that are actually in your visual range? The added challenge of not being able to mouse around?

DOTA 2 Ward 2

Well, that’s not what they are bringing to the game. Oh no, that wouldn’t be very fun I don’t think. While yes, you’ll only be able to really see what’s around you. . . This mode, anyone who is using VR will be placed onto the map by a teammate. Because you are a ward. You are an active ward that can only look around you in a 360 degree. On the plus side, you can view the game from an all new, beautiful way. You can hear the creatures rummaging in forest, chirping birds, abilities firing from friend and foe. But you DO get the ability to yell at your friends to let them know someone’s coming! I did read some bits on Reddit from quotes of players who have tested it. General Shade went on the record with “”Shit. Shit guys the jungler sees me. help guys HELP FUCK YOU I HATE THIS GAMEEEEEEEEEE”  The major downside, is you get no vision unless one of your teammates places you . . . So you’re worthless until your team works together. So while it might seem incredibly challenging, it is the devs hope that it will help people learn the value of warding.

The New VR Mode, is scheduled to drop early April, and will also be available in competitive modes. I’m looking forward to seeing how it changes the competitive/pro landscape later this year.

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