Wargaming now under fire from War Thunder!

The final gauntlet has been thrown down.


Not that gauntlet.

This is War Thunder!

Today we announced the upcoming content for War Thunder: Knights of the Sea. This is going to add oceanic action! We saw cool airplanes diving over the water, pelting warships with bullets in fast-paced combat! But what does this all mean? A year ago or so I covered War Thunder on the PS4 and found it was probably the most realistic wargame I’d ever played. It was fun, it had airplanes and tanks on the same field if you will, and you could soar down and do battle with them or stick to the skies and dogfight. Gaijin took the time to make sure all the parts worked together in one title, that they were balanced and enjoyable. And finally, with the Knights of the Sea content, land, sea and air are all in one place. The final gauntlet has truly been tossed, and with authority no less. Both franchises have incredibly solid gameplay and are very physically appealing. I love both games, but I do like being able to do it all in one place. . .Though I do enjoy the work of both companies, War Thunder has a very extreme edge that we can’t just ignore:

World Of Warships Arpeggio

All three of these content styles are in one damn game. I don’t have to install War Thunder: Tanks, War Thunder: Trains, or War Thunder: Automobiles just to play the style I want. I can just . . . play War Thunder! That’s fantastic. I appreciate the depth that Wargaming has put into their separate content, but what if I want to do something a bit more mixed? Wargaming’s gonna really have to step it up with their upcoming content if they want to compete with Gaijin’s War Thunder! Simply doing “Anime Waifu” themed boats isn’t going to do it when people are able to use boats, planes and tanks all in one handy location. War Thunder has taken careful aim and over the past few years has steadily put themselves into a really interesting position. The “War Gaming” arena’s not empty, and the time for resting on ones’ laurels is quite over. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens over the next year! Maybe Wargaming will take some effort to combining their games so the content can interact? Or will the stick to their guns? I fear it’s too late for Wargaming to set sail on their original idea to have the games interact. It would be a financial and balancing nightmare. But they have to take measures to hold against the tide! That’s enough combat puns for me. Anyway, I think it’s a really interesting dynamic that has taken hold of the War Gaming scene and I’m really looking forward to see how the two companies progress.


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