Wonderland Online: Wanted

Wonderland Online’s GM “T-bag” has recently stolen tons of gold and 3 mysterious items that are the fundamental construction funds for Welling Village, which will severely disrupt the future development of the village. The players who help the village leader hunt “T-bag” down may obtain a part of the fortune as reward.

Event Duration:
9:00pm-10:00pm, April 24th,

Participation Server: Aries1

Event Content:
At the beginning of the event, the GM "T-bag" will hide in some parts of North Island, South Island, Kelan Village, Welling Village, or Holy Village; even sometimes hiding in crowds or tents, and he will change his clothes constantly during the event. If you are careful enough, you will have a chance to obtain a large amount of fortune. Good Luck!

1. Once the GM changes the place he hides, there will be a system hint.
2. The GM will stay in one place for 3 to 8 minutes.
3.The GM will randomly give players who find him rewards.
4. If the trade invitation sent to you by the GM is covered by another players’ trade invitation and you cannot get any rewards, we don’t bear any responsibility.
Rewards may be Turtle Car Voucher, Locomotive Voucher, Gold, etc….

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