#9Reasons to Remember City of Heroes

By Meticulous Meta, OnRPG’s Unemployed Hero 

This weekend would have been City of Heroes’ 9th Anniversary, and the fans aren’t about to forget it. City of Heroes fans around the world are once again taking to Twitter to get their voices heard in a 10 day long campaign. This time remembering City of Heroes as the innovative, community driven game that it was.

Atlas Park

The campaign itself, titled #9Reasons starts today, each day having it’s own theme. Today starts it all off with innovations. Organization of the event, being described as a celebration rather than a call to action, can be found on the player made Titan Network forums. Or you can check out the schedule below.


Friday April 26: 9 Ways City of Heroes was an innovator in the industry
Saturday April 27th: 9 Favorite Task Forces or Missions
Sunday April 28th: 9 City zones that need saving
Monday April 29th: 9 Unsolved Plots
Tuesday April 30th: 9 In game events that can’t go on without heroes
Wednesday May 1st: 9 Things that never made it in game
Thursday May 2nd: 9 Favorite NPCs
Friday May 3rd: 9 Real life reasons we want the game back
Saturday May 4th: 9 Player Characters. The names of nine of your characters.
Sunday May 5th: 0 Replacements. No list, just a statement that there is no replacement for City of Heroes.

Last Party in Virtue D

If City of Heroes were still with us this week we would have been in full celebration mode. We would have seen new badges, invasions of who knows what, parties being held by The Cape and other groups, and if you were lucky you might find a dev or two wandering around. This is the first anniversary without City of Heroes. Some may say that celebrating it is pointless. I disagree. And it isn’t even about trying to get City of Heroes back, though I’m right there with everyone still fighting the good fight. It’s about family. It’s about remembering those times we had together, the friends we made, and the lives that were changed all because of a game.


Recently the City of Heroes community has been getting a bit of a bad name. Bitterness over what happened has brought us into some bad light. This week we change that. This week we show the world that we are still positive against all odds. We’re all hurting, and we all grieve over our loss in different ways. So instead of negativity I encourage you all to be positive. Listen to the CoH Soundtrack. Go ICONic for some time on Raptr. Or even write a short story about your favorite hero and post it for the world to read. Honor the memory of City of Heroes by rereading the City of Heroes books, break out the comics and give them a look through. There are so many ways you can mark this weekend. Personally, I’ll be sitting with baited breath waiting for the new Lore AMA answers to be published. And I promise when they do I’ll be back on OnRPG to let everyone know.


I miss City of Heroes, I miss writing about if for you all to read. Most of all I miss my friends. Remember to stay positive, hug a former Paragon Studios staff member and have some Ascendant-O’s.

Happy  Birthday City of Heroes, my /em torch shines bright for you.

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