Lucent Heart- MMORPG Meets E-Harmony

Lucent Heart Review- MMORPG Meets E-Harmony

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist




Lucent Heart is a 3D game developed by Gamania Digital Entertainment and is an award-winning hit from Japan. Lucent heart is a Zodiac-inspired Anime MMORPG, which combines exciting RPG gameplay with ancient dungeons, pets and combat mounts with an unprecedented social experience. Interact with friends, find love, and explore the world of Acadia – all for free!



Lucent Heart Character Creation

Once you have logged into Lucent Heart after using the Beanfun launcher it is time to select  your game server, once this is done it is time to create your character! Creating your character is very important because it affects your gameplay. Lucent Heart has a unique zodiac system. Players will experience the powers of the zodiac through special armor, abilities and horoscope enhancements that are all tied to the person’s birthday. The zodiac system extends throughout the game and affects everything from combat to character emotions, creating a unique experience a game has never had before. So think twice before choosing your birthday!




This game can be played by using the WASD keys with your mouse to control the camera or you can simply use your mouse to walk to your destination. It is also possible to click anywhere on your map and your character will automatically move to the location however this might be a little dangerous because the automatic walking system isn’t really working smoothly. With the automatic walking system you just don’t simply walk to your object in a straight line. It follows its own path instead of walking directly; this might be dangerous in certain areas with monsters.



In the tutorial you start off by visiting NPC’s in the city of Thereall. After talking to a few important NPC’s you will be given items like an Alpaca mount! You can use this mount for 7 days until it expires. You are also given equipment to help you on your journey. At level 4 it is possible to choose your class, opting between Warrior and Mage. Each of those classes can then specialize into a different class around levels 10 and 36.


A Human’s abilities and characteristics are affected by the effects between the horoscope and the 14 major planets in the game. Once a character reaches level 10, and after opening the seal of Astrolabe, every fifth level a planet can help you develop an Astrolabe skill.



This game also supports dating, if you feel like looking for a soul mate you can talk to Cupid. He will help you find a soul mate with your selected conditions. You might be wondering  why you should date someone in Lucent Heart. Well… it isn’t only easier to quest as a couple, but there are also several other benefits you can get through dating in Lucent Hearth. There are, for example, exclusive emotes, bonus experience and special accessories available. It is also possible to gain ‘Match Points’ these points allow you to use more emotes and grow more flowers that can serve as accessories for the woman in your relationship. To gain these Match Points you can do a compatibility test or you just have to spend time together and do some questing. If your soul mate is the love of your life it is possible to go to the next step in the relationship, Marriage! If your soul mate says yes you can visit a church administrator in any city who will help you plan your wedding.


It is also possible to join or create guilds. A guild is a great way to stay connected to old friends and meet new ones. Joining a guild has great benefits for you and your friends, as a Guild Warehouse can be made and people with specific guild ranks are allowed to store and share items. There are also bonuses that are only available to players through guilds.




There are 6 professions to choose from, these professions are a great way to craft the necessary gear or accessories that can help you in your adventure through the world of Lucent Heart.


The following professions are available:



The blacksmithing profession will help you create a wide array of equipment. This equipment can be made for multiple classes and  can protect them in battle. Items crafted by players with the Blacksmith profession have varying qualities, from normal to perfect and in rare instances, beyond perfect.



Tailors are able to craft robes and lightweight armor with different stats necessary to some classes. Items crafted by players with the Tailoring profession have varying qualities, from normal to perfect and in rare instances beyond perfect.



With alchemy you are able to craft potions. To craft these delicate potions you need different kinds of herbs and stones. Potions have a class based on the level of alchemy required to brew them. The higher level the recipe requires, the greater the class, and the greater the benefits received from consuming the potion



With the Machinery profession you can craft gadgets with all sorts of varying effects. From freeze rays and air cannons to beams of light used to attack the target. It is also possible to craft various gadgets that will increase your stats and help you defend against the enemy.



Jewelers have access to enchantment stone designs available for both weapons and shields. There are different effects that improve your stats and equipment and make you combat ready. They are also able to make other accessory items to provide bonuses.


Card Design

A card designer is able to create cards that have a variety of effects that fit into different categories. These cards may help you with all kinds of stuff such as, restoring your mana and health, reviving comrades, and you can transfer health to your target. There are also defense and supportive cards that can help you with your fight.



Item Mall

In the Item Mall you can buy different sort of items, which can help you in the world of Lucent Heart. To buy these items you would have to buy Beanpoints, and 1000  Beanpoints costs $1.00. With these Beanpoints you can buy items such as fashion clothes, potions, elements, backpack expansions and a portable warehouse.




Lucent Heart is a fun game to play with friends or to find new friends. Using the unique system of a Zodiac this game makes you feel unique using special abilities and items. The game offers a wide variety of skills along with cool looking equipment/clothes and different classes to pick. Lucent Heart has a great crafting system that can keep you busy for quite some time to create the items that you desire to have. This game has a lot of features to offer such as dungeons, Player versus Player and a player-driven crafting economy. Unfortunately there aren’t many items to get through the shops and some items are only sold in the Item Mall. Nonetheless the game is a great free to play game that keeps you busy for a while.

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