MEAD: Storm Legion is Coming

MEAD: Storm Legion is Coming

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG RIFT Reporter




We’re about a month away from Storm Legion. Closed beta has officially started for anyone who has preordered. Which still isn’t me. I’ve decided to hold out for Walmart to get the cape I really want. Plus I’m not one to really play betas much. It ruins the surprise. What doesn’t ruin the surprise though is announcements of things to come! Recently there have been so many announcements you might almost feel like they won’t have anything else left to reveal. But knowing Trion there is always more. So since I’ve been a bit behind recently with the reveals I thought I would go over a few of the things that have been announced the last few weeks.


Tempest: Warrior Soul



The Tempest keeps the theme of air and lightening that Storm Legion has alive with it’s powers. Tempest is a heavy damage soul that gives Warriors the chance to have ranged attacks they never had before. Their abilities include some area blasts and mastery of illusions. But without their other souls the Tempest would be in trouble as it provides little in the way of melee attacks.



Tactician: Rogue Soul



Tacticians are a versatile sort, control over the elements with tools to lay down and forget as they go to work firing away at enemies and the ability to heal groups of allies. Tacticians are easily going to become a favorite for Rogues as they have a little bit of everything. Though they aren’t the best at single target, instead preferring to focus on the whole battle instead of just a part. It has been said that Tacticians pair very well with Bards giving a synergy between them with their heals.



Hunt Rifts




A new type of Rift is being introduced in Storm Legion. A type that will be exclusive to Dusken and Brevane from the sounds of it. The Rifts are giving you a chance to strike at planar commanders before they can unleash their forces on Telara. There hasn’t been a whole lot revealed about these new Rifts yet but it seems like they will be hard, harder than even the hardest we have now. And that isn’t just because of level differences. As you do more Hunt Rifts the harder they become. The later tiered “Great Hunt” Rifts will require approval and help from Torvan Hunters as well as the help of a large group of allies.




Closed Beta




The first closed beta weekend is now at an end. Sadly because of NDAs there won’t be any news coming out of them. But there are a few things we know. The first Beta event was called Crucia Unleashed. Highlights included the new souls, adventures on the new continents and the Exodus of the Storm Queen dungeon. The second beta will be called From Seratos With Love, while the final one is called At The Gates of Infinity. There aren’t any dates announced for the next two beta events but you can be sure that as soon as I find out they will be announced on OnRPG.




Weekly Live Streams




Starting on Friday this week and running every Friday up until the release of Storm Legion there are going to be regular Live Streams from the Trion studio. This week they will be focusing on dynamic content. That’s zone events, colossi, instant adventure, onslaughts, Carnage quests and all that other fun stuff that offers an alternate way to level other than the usual quests. It will begin at 2:30PM Pacific on Trion Worlds’ Twitch channel.




This is going to be an exciting and busy time for Rift players. Extra Life is coming up which means Walsingham will be breaking out his mead again. Halloween is nearly upon us. And of course no on can forget that Storm Legion is coming. Which means beta events, live streams and we still have one soul left to find out about. And I’ll be here throughout getting the information out as best I can.

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