Silkroad Online: Latest Expansion The Legend 4 update – Tomb of Qin-Shi Emperor

Written by Rick Charb (Jammart), Onrpg writer


Subject to a wonderful in-game tour with Silkroad’s kind staff, I was able to discover and explore many new additions to Silkroad Online. Axed on the latest update of the game, my tour was held in the Tomb of Qin-Shi Emperor, a large maze-like dungeon located deep in the Chinese portion of the game. To summarize their update, this legend 4 update approached the release of a new dungeon, Tomb of the Qin-Shi Emperor, an increase in the maximum level (from 90 to 100), new skills and items, and a new unique monsters concept. I will run through this large update with you in larger detail in the coming paragraphs.
My tour began at the first level of the Qui-Shi dungeon. Equipped with a rather largely proportioned blade, I was most certainly ready to venture onward with my team of fierce combatants (who also seemed to have gigantic weaponry). I was warned early on that this tomb was meant for high level players only (being level 70+), and that it was highly recommended to travel in groups. Most unique monsters (only fightable by activating certain quests) cannot be killed solo, though one may be able to fight regular monsters alone.
This first room of the dungeon is said to be the largest one of its entity. The rest of the temple is a set of sixteen rooms that follow in a maze-like fashion. Some portals bring you up a few levels, some bright you down a level or two, and some portals bring you right back to the start. Some portals are locked and require a certain key to activate. That being said, getting to the final room of the tomb can be quite the hassle! 
Venturing through the various rooms of the dungeon, we had encountered many different statues. These special statues can be destroyed to provoke the springing of a trap. Sometimes the spawning of very powerful monsters is the result!
Soon, after my team and I had been bashing countless amounts of monsters, I was confided in the legend that relates to this infamous tomb. Legend has it that this tomb was that of Beak Yung, a mythic half viper half human. Beak Yung had given up her viper form for the gift of love, but not long after her true form was revealed, and for her crimes against the heavenly mandate, she was banished to live in a tower. However, this tower was desecrated due to war, and now she resides in this tomb. Her only purpose in life is to take the lives of mortals that dare enter her dwelling.
That’s right, you guessed it! Beak Yung is the final boss in the game, and one of the most (if not the most) powerful baddie in the game. Even seeing this beast is an incredible feat, as it is very difficult to reach the final room of the tomb. You even have to battle five unique monsters, that are powerful enough to begin with, before entering her chamber. So far, only a few servers have been able to gather up groups that were successful in the hunt of Beak Yung. This boss must be defeated in groups. It is virtually impossible to fight her alone. The tomb is indeed filled with many fierce enemies, but none compare to the wrath of Beak Yung in the least.

Opinion of the update

As an addition to this update, the Magic Pop system is thriving. Players of the game are making use of this interesting item-lottery system to obtain some of the game’s most fabled equipment. However, to be able to take your chances at this gamble, you do have to purchase an item mall item: the magic pop ticket. Each ticket values one turn—simple! I don’t really think this feature brings a lot of good in terms of the game’s economy (which is already suffering quite a bit), but it does help support Joymax in adding more servers to the game and such, so I suppose it’s a win/win situation for both the players and Joymax.
 In regards to the massive tomb, I believe it to be a very large step forward for Silkroad Online. This high-level content is thriving with players (of which are mostly legit, might I add!) and due to this the atmosphere of the game is ever-changing in a positive way. I had enjoyed myself a great deal during my adventures in the tomb, and I thought the new skills and humongous monsters to be very impressive, not to mention those insanely large weapons in my arsenal. It was all in great fun, and I do recommend this new Silkroad if you are willing to contribute to its item mall (which in this case is the only way to access the game without trying to connect 10 or 20 times).
The storyline affecting this tomb is also pretty impressive. I enjoyed reading the legend and finding information about the great beast living deep inside the dungeon. This epic monster has only been defeated a few times, and thus is still quite an amazing feat (in terms of the game, of course) to succeed in her destruction. She also tends to drop very rare and highly priced items.
There couldn’t be a better time to get back into Silkroad Online. As we know, the botting issue is still at large, but Joymax is tackling it day by day in their goal to eliminate all hackers, botters, and unruly players from their game. As previously mentioned, if you can play this free MMORPG whilst still paying for easy access to the game, this is a definite must try on my list. I really liked the simplicity of the game’s functions, and the fact that every character has the chance to be completely unique in terms of skills. Now, if only it wasn’t nearly impossible to connect to the game…..
Happy Gaming!

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