Chronicles of Elyria Combat Video

Chronicles of Elyria showcases its complex combat system, which uses chain combat techniques, disarming, and more, by recreating a scene from The Princess Bride.

Chronicles of Elyria’s combat mechanics do not rely on auto-attacks or hot-bar buttons. Instead, CoE uses Left & Right mouse buttons to chain combat techniques together into combos.

These combos are configurable in the UI, allowing players to develop their own personal combat style using different techniques for each weapon they use.

As well, different stances allow them to attack from different locations and attack with different types of damage – piercing, blunt, & slashing. The master martial artist can chain stance attacks together and even learn to apply the styles of one weapon to another.

So combat in Chronicles of Elyria is based on Perception, Reflex, and Anticipation. Can you recognize the best techniques to use for the terrain and the opponent’s armor? Can you dodge and deflect fast enough to avoid attacks. And finally, can you anticipate your opponents attack in order to parry and take the initiative.

Other mechanics shown in the video is the ability to disarm, and some of our platformer elements, such as jumping and swinging.

Not shown in the video is the ability to switch hands in order to throw of your opponent and force them to deflect/parry the wrong side of their body.

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