Nowhere Prophet Now Available on Steam

Nowhere Prophet is an Indian-infused dustpunk deck-builder from No More Robots and Sharkbomb Studios, and it’s now out on Steam! Available for 24.99 (with a 10% discount during launch week), this unique card builder has a difficult twist. As a prophet, you recruit new followers, but those followers are the cards in your deck. As you gain and lose them through battle and events, the bonds with your people change, as does the strength of your deck.

Nowhere Prophet fuses card-based combat and a tactical battle board. Tactically drag your followers onto the battle board, and use Leader Cards to utilize your unique skills, swaying the fight in your favor. Procedurally generated maps give you a new journey each time you play, while 10 different convoys and four Prophet classes that change how you play, along with more than 300 cards to discover, make Nowhere Prophet infinitely playable.

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