7 Days to Die Trailer

The Fun Pimps bring us 7 Days to Die, a unique zombie survival crafting title that features voxel construction and plenty of weapons and traps to help you survive the night!
  • don t play this game

    Doesn t worth it s price, believe me.


      lol its the best game! to much money! šŸ˜€

  • Dawlish1

    epic i like it and i like minecraft so that is teh SAME!

  • antonio

    how do i download

  • ArchRaziel

    Hey guys, what do you reckon the age rating would be for this game :p

  • rhzzx2001

    can I have a free key

  • gilberto

    its a rip off $35.00 for the game wtf

  • arctic


  • southpole

    its 24.99 on steam now, thank god they reduced the price it was a little outragious. But with friends its pretty much worth it. Still a little overboard

  • Bossmann

    make it free or forget it i pay for 2 games already.. i refuse to ever play for a game again period! i am willing to buy accessories but i am not paying millions of dollars for games not at all…. so make it free or trash it, it is not worth paying for. i have watch its play extensively as it is intresting …its not as good as 3 others i already play for free.

    • JordĆ”n


    • Commenter

      True. I think that the game is overpaying to just pay 24.99$ for a game, you could download! Its outrageous! Make it free, or Steam will be contacted for scamming. Cause i paid 2 times for the game, and it STILL. DOESNT. RUN!

  • Rhi Morris

    I’m getting it for my birthday August 3 red can any help me I’m only 11 but I lurn quick

  • giorgi davituliani

    and its free online? are you sucking?

  • helldog

    what up

  • maickel


  • Zac Paterson

    its should be sold free for the state it is at now and later progrees put a price tag on it ngive the fans a flovour to tast of the game and then put some price tags on it or give them a time demo that they could play or keep it free the whole time and put add ons in that acost money

  • hellhond

    its awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee