7 Days to Die

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    The Fun Pimps

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    Shooter, Other, Sci-Fi

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7 Days to Die is a buy to play 3D survival game developed by The Fun Pimps for PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One. 7 Days to Die presents players with a hardened, post-apocalyptic world where the undead are rampant and taking over. Players will need to work with or against each other in an open world to survive against gruesome creatures and other hostile players. By building, crafting, collecting, and fighting you can show just how much skilled you truly are and that no man, or undead can stand in the way of you and survival

Business Model: Early Access Retail Purchase

Microtransactions: None

Key Features:

Base Building: Create bases from already existing ruins or start from scratch in an area that looks good to you, but make sure your structures are well-built otherwise they might collapse under their own weight.

Skills: With both active and passive disciplines to invest in you can make sure that you're prepared for any situation you might be confronted with.

Scavenge Loot: Find new weapons, armors, clothing, resources and more throughout the world that you can use to help your survive even longer.

Vehicles: Find recipes and parts that can be used to craft vehicles that will help you get around much more quickly than you ever would on foot.

Zombie Nomad Mode: Play the game as a survivor, bandit, or zombie in a multiplayer competitive survival experience.

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