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Acaratus is a buy-to-play tactical RPG developed by NODBRIM INTERACTIVE set in a medieval steampunk world where you will fight to take down an oppressive Emperor named Helios. How you might ask? With none other than your trusty mechanized battle suits and your own strategic knowledge! If you're looking for a game that gives you great control over units and lets you fight for the freedom that you deserve, then look no further. Join up with Adina, help the rebellion, and take down emperor Helios!


Turn-Based: Battles in Acaratus are turn-based, meaning you'll have to manage your stamina each turn to get the greatest effect out of your units.

Unit Customization: Outfit your units with little bits of steampunk goodness, changing their purpose in battle and allowing you to prepare for any situation.

Singleplayer Campaign: Fight for freedom alongside Adina, a slave owner turned leader of the rebellion.

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