Ace of Arenas

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    Gaea Mobile

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Ace of Arenas is a mobile MOBA developed by GAEA Mobile. While featuring fast-paced gameplay, intuitive controls and more, Ace of Arenas perfects the mobile MOBA genre like no other.


Tradtional gameplay: Ace of Arenas' core gameplay contains all the familiar MOBA mechanics, all working effortlessly on your mobile device.

Unique champions: Take control of of a variety of heroes include magicians, swordmasters, gunners and more.

Real PvP: Compete in 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 battles against players from all over the world.

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Game Videos

  • Ace of Arenas Nafal Cinematic Trailer

    Ace of Arenas introduces their newest hero, Nafal, in this cinematic clash against her sister.

  • Ace of Arenas: Kahrein Cinematic Trailer

    The Lord of the Underworld i coming to Ace of Arenas.  At any cost, he will bring and keep peace in the mortal world. Kahrein comes!

  • Ace of Arenas: Aesis Cinematic Trailer

    Ace of Arenas teases Aesis today, who was formerly the Goddess of Fate. Full details are right here!

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