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Aetolia is an MMORPG that puts you in the role of a vampire, struggling to survive a brutal world. You can choose from one of over 20 different classes in the world, and with the game's limitless advancement system, master 10 individual classes. Death is final in Aetolia, so choose your actions and attacks very carefully. The game also boasts a robust mercantile system, letting you open and run your own shop if you so choose. The game also features a robust political system for those interested.


Several playable races: With a wide variety of inhabitants, players can create a character that's right for them. Each race brings a variety of different abilities to the table as well, which will help in battle.

Multitude of classes: Choose to become one of over 20 different classes. Master one, and learn up to 10 of them for your own, to become a powerful character.

No level cap: Unlimited advancement means unlimited power! Dominate your foes in ways they can only fathom.

Robust political system: With several city-states, guilds, and the like to consider, the political landscape of Aetolia is constantly changing and evolving, should you choose to get involved.

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